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Hey there! I'm Daniela

Many moons ago when I was waiting for a guy to “choose” me 🙄 the Lord reminded me that He had already chosen me and that I am His Chosen Covergirl!!!

It was a game changer!!!

I began living life full of JOY, CONFIDENCE, and FAITH!

I realized that I did not require the validation of man because I had already been approved by God. In other words, I finally knew my worth!

Now I am sharing my journey on becoming more joyful, confident, and faithful, as well as, EVERYTHING in between.

And I am here to remind you, that YOU are also His CHOSEN COVERGIRL!

My latest Videos

Secrets of an Undiscovered Good Thing is the perfect blend of 1) the author telling the story of her life, 2) talking about the psychology of individuals and relationships, using herself as prime example, and 30 talking about how scripture and spirituality are relevant to our lives, our sense of self-worth, and our relationships.

Daniela has a distinctive voice that gives readers a sense of intimacy, as if she is talking directly to you. The story and arguments are serious, but she leavens them with humor. This is a story to which a lot of people, particularly women, will relate. This is a must read!