Daniela Backer

A Chosen CoverGirl

She lives life full of joy, confidence, and faith because she knows who she is and to whom she belongs. She doesn’t require validation by man because she knows that she has already been approved by God. In other words, she knows her worth! With the Lord on her side, she walks with confidence believing that she has the power within her to conquer every obstacle that tries to hinder her from her destiny.

Founder- Daniela Backer

For many years I struggled with insecurity issues. I would allow the rejection of a man to cause me to question my self-worth. I would wonder what did I have to do and who did I have to be to get a particular guy to notice me, to want to be with me, to choose me. I would compare myself to other women and wonder what was it about her? What did she have that I didn’t have? Why did he choose her and not me?

My life changed forever when I allowed the Word of God to resonate in my heart and finally embraced who I am. I am a child of the Most High God and I am a reflection of His beauty. When He created me He said that I am GOOD. So I no longer needed the approval of a man because I had already been approved by God. In fact, I was chosen by Him from the beginning.

I finally realized that I didn’t have to do anything or be anyone but me. Jesus accepts me as I am and died on the cross for me! His blood covers me, and that makes me His “CoverGirl”! Now I live an abundant life that is full of joy, confidence, and faith because I know who I am.



I first began sharing my journey of self-love and acceptance through the publication of Secrets of an Undiscovered Good Thing: A church girl’s search for love and the lessons she learned along the way. After receiving testimonies of how impactful it had been on the lives of other women, I created A Chosen CoverGirl platform, to further inspire women to live an abundant life by knowing who they are and that they do not require the validation of a man because they have already been chosen by God. And today, I happily navigate single women into recognizing and choosing the man who was created to love her…the man who “sees” her…while reminding her that she is and has always been “chosen”.