Featured Chosen Covergirl- Angela Warren

What does it mean to be confident?
Confident is a state of being completely honest with one’s self. It embodies the totality of ownership for the good, the bad, the ugly that one encompasses. Not only is confident accepting the ownership, but it also embraces the willingness to correct any wrongs.  Confident is a posture that positions one to stand in their truth and conduct a self evaluation. Hence the state of being confident ultimately transcend to a walk that illuminates the core of the ability to BTrue2u.
What comes to mind when you think of the word “joy”?
Joy is personified in the goodness of Jesus, the love of my husband and family, and the laughter of my children.
Can you identify the time in your life when you began to totally accept yourself and all of your flaws?
Over my life span, I had the tendency to compare myself with others within my proximity. I remember reflecting on the fact that I felt like I was not as articulate as others, as well as, I did not have the mannerism or appeal of women who I held in high esteem. During those moments of reflection I would ask to change me to more like those I admired. However, in 2008 as I was in my prayer time,  I was inquiring from God about my worth and my feelings of not being good enough. It was in the course of this communication with God that I received a clear and concise response from Him. God stated, “Angela Be true to you”. This was confirmation that God had called me for His purpose and that I was MORE than enough and hence the origination of my BTrue2U global brand.
What do you admire most about yourself?
What I admire most about myself is my ability to love my sister in-spite of all the hurt, pain, and betrayal. Whether operating in the capacity of hairstylist, entrepreneur, television host, author, coach, wife, minister, mother, or sister, I aim to embrace it all. I know I “Was built for this” and totally live by the mantra “In everything you do always BTrue2U”. I have the opportunity not only to help other sisters manifest their outer beauty but also to heal and heighten their interior beauty as well.  My styling chair quickly became a place of liberation. It is a place where women could receive a cut, color, and comfort.
Fill in the blank: I am…FABULOUS (Faithful. Anointed. Beautiful. Unique. Loving. Optimistic. Unbreakable Sister!)
How has your faith contributed to who you are today?
My faith is my fuel. It is the mechanism by which I know I have the capacity and drive to accomplish all that I desire. Faith has been my sustainability system, as it is the reason I am still standing. My faith is my constant companion because it let me know that God is with me and I am never alone. But most of all my faith is my hope handler and for the reason that I know that everything will work out for my good!
What would you tell your younger self or someone who has yet to discover her worth?
“Lil Angela, you will encounter a lot of adversity emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually. However, if you build and strengthen a relationship with Jesus, your journey will be more bearable. Note, I did not say easy, but it will be bearable. You were uniquely created for a purpose. Some may not understand your uniqueness but it is actually your purpose. You will help so many to recognize, accept and flourish in their purpose. Lil Angela, you will become a brand that will bring healing to many who are broken. The influence you will exhibit will be breathtaking. Because of who God created you to be, you will ALWAYS be ENOUGH as long as you BTrue2U!”
If you could identify a celebrity who you believe exemplifies a Chosen Covergirl, who would that be and why?
Angela Bassett and Michelle Obama would be my celebrity choices that exemplifies a Chosen Covergirl. Although both are living very public lives, they appear to maneuver an optimal lifestyle as Black woman. They both are successfully navigating long term marriages and healthy family lives. These women give priority to healthy lifestyles and their fashion styles are impeccable. However, the one indicator that places them as example of a Chosen Covergirl is the proven work they have orchestrated to strengthening other women.
About our Featured Chosen Covergirl: Angel Warren is an author, certified lifestyle and confidence coach, a minister of the gospel, as well as the founder of BTrue2U global brand. Her thriving coaching services are provided at the individual and group levels where she empowers, encourages and inspires women to take ownership of their greatness. Angela will be conducting her next “Walk In Confidence” event June 2020 in Atlanta Georgia. You can connect with her at the following:
IG: AngelaLewisWarren
Facebook: AngelaLewisWarren
Facebook Page: BTrue2U Tv
Twitter: AngelaLewisWarren
YouTube: AngelaLewisWarren
*A Chosen Covergirl lives life full of joy, confidence, and faith, because she knows who she is and to WHOM she belongs. She does not require validation by man because she knows that she has already been approved by God.  In other words, she knows her worth! With the Lord on her side, she walks with confidence believing that she has the power within her to conquer every obstacle that tries to hinder her from her destiny.
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