Featured Chosen Covergirl- Octavia Grissom

 What comes to mind when you think of the word “joy”?

When I think of joy, I think about the things that brought me joy, like having my sons, who are now grown and doing great…Buying my first house, when everybody tried to discourage me from getting one…Knowing Christ and how he has spared me from a lot of disappointing times.

What does it mean to be confident? 

Being confident to me means embracing who you are. Loving everything about yourself and walking boldly in it.

Can you identify the time in your life when you began to totally accept yourself and all of your flaws?

People would always tell me I was a blessed person from the time that I graduated and I got my first government job at the age of 19. Not really knowing that job, well I won’t say the job, one of the people in that job, had tore my spirit down because of me being a single parent of 2 boys and not being married. I used to beat myself up because I thought I was going to be punished for it. But until I started going to church and heard the Pastor say that even though mistakes are made, God uses your mistake to build you up. I started looking at life differently. I had to be about 29 when I started fully loving myself and realizing that children were not mistakes. Those children were put into my life to help me to get over what people thought about me, all that mattered is what I thought about myself and how I could make my children proud. So from that time on I accepted who I was and showed the people who doubted I can do anything because I had kids, that I was an overcomer.

What do you admire most about yourself? 

What I admire most about myself, is my persistence. I don’t give up on something that I want to accomplish, no matter how hard it looks, or how long it takes, I will not stop until I get it done.

Fill in the blank: I am…a beautiful, black woman, inside and out and no one can take that from me.

How has your faith contributed to who you are today?

My faith has strengthened me in so many areas. I was under a great pastor and every time I heard him speak I felt like he was talking to me. My faith got tested a few times but I never gave up because no matter what I was going through, I would hear a word that was just for me or someone would come up to me and speak to me, as if they were right in my house and knew what I was going through. So my faith has helped me to become the woman I am today, being positive and motivating someone else to know that this too shall pass.

What would you tell your younger self or someone who has yet to discover her worth? 

I would tell my younger self to never let anyone discourage you and bring your confidence level down. Because your journey is not for them to judge, your journey is for you to learn and persevere through it all.

If you could identify a celebrity who you believe exemplifies a Chosen Covergirl, who would that be and why?

Octavia Spenser…and it’s not just because her name is Octavia. She reminds me of myself. She was the sixth of seven siblings, such as me. We both enjoy acting, even though I am not getting paid for it, but she is an overall overcomer, who never gave up on her dreams.


About our Featured Chosen Covergirl: Octavia is working on her  book “Increase the Power of Your Inner Weapons…The ABC’s of Adult Living….”. She recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia right after passing the State Exam to become a Real Estate Agent. Octavia sees the doors opening up already. You can connect with Octavia at the following:

FB Group- Increase the Power of Your Inner Weapons…The ABC’s of Adult Living


*A Chosen Covergirl lives life full of joy, confidence, and faith, because she knows who she is and to WHOM she belongs. She does not require validation by man because she knows that she has already been approved by God.  In other words, she knows her worth! With the Lord on her side, she walks with confidence believing that she has the power within her to conquer every obstacle that tries to hinder her from her destiny.

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