Featured Chosen Covergirl- Suzzette Turnbull

What does it mean to be confident? Confidence is when you accept who you are and why you have been placed on this earth.

What comes to mind when you think of the word “joy”? Peace comes to mind first. Without peace, all other feelings and your state of being become obstacles to joy.

Can you identify the time in your life when you began to totally accept yourself and all of your flaws? I finally began to accept myself in January 2019. It has been a long road (most of my life) of uprooting the weeds brought about by life’s experiences. It’s truly a journey. Deliberately pressing into self-honesty, self-reflection, and healing has resulted in an incredible transformation in my life.

What do you admire most about yourself?

I admire my tenacity and will to be all that God has called me to be.

Fill in the blank: I am…becoming the woman God destined me to be.

How has your faith contributed to who you are today?

My faith is the reason I am the person I am today. My faith has provided a solid and reliable foundation in my life. When all else seems like it is falling apart or not going as planned, my faith is the stabilizer and reminder that those situations are temporary. Our minds make a situation into a mountain while our faith makes that mountain into just another situation that we will move past.

In twenty (20) words or less, what would you tell your younger self or someone who has yet to discover her worth?

It’s not that serious! The timeline of getting my life goals accomplished by age 30 is unrealistic. Live smart but allow life to unfold. Each person’s path is specific to that individual. Give yourself the space to walk your unique path and enjoy it.

If you could identify a celebrity that you believe exemplifies a Chosen Covergirl, who would that be and why?

Sarah Jakes Roberts has been transparent about her journey of overcoming many of life’s obstacles and intentionally putting in the work to accept and love herself. She continues to walk in the authenticity of her identity and uses it to help many other women achieve the same. I also appreciate her transparency about the things she still struggles with. I believe she exemplifies a Chosen Covergirl.


About our Featured Chosen Covergirl: Suzzette Turnbull is an award-winning Author, Speaker, and Founder/CEO of Uncommon Marketing. Her experience includes a successful 20-year tenure in management, marketing and branding, and social media marketing. Suzzette specializes in providing in-person and virtual trainings to corporations and institutions helping them to build a social media marketing competency. Connect with Suzzette at the following:

Instagram and Twitter – @suzyturn

Facebook – @SuzTurnbull

Website- (Get your FREE download of “5 Hacks to Your Instagram Hashtag Strategy.”)


*A Chosen Covergirl lives life full of joy, confidence, and faith, because she knows who she is and to WHOM she belongs. She does not require validation by man because she knows that she has already been approved by God.  In other words, she knows her worth! With the Lord on her side, she walks with confidence believing that she has the power within her to conquer every obstacle that tries to hinder her from her destiny.

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