Featured Chosen Covergirl- Tracy Adams-Butler

What comes to mind when you think of the word “joy”?

When I think of the word Joy, I think of Fulfillment! I believe it’s a condition of the Heart.

What does it mean to be confident?

I believe Confidence is self-learned through experience. True Confidence is owning who you are in every situation – it’s your mindset.

Can you identify the time in your life when you began to totally accept yourself and all of your flaws?

Absolutely! I was going through a really broken time in my life and became friends with someone. We were able to chill, laugh, talk and share some personal things to the point we were talking like sisters every day. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way that with Growth you lose somethings. As I began to develop Who I was and where God was taking me, the attitude of friendship shifted. When you Author a book of Positive Affirmations, negative things can no longer exists. I initially began to feel the sting of rejection and not being good enough.

Self-Doubt almost had a chance to plant a root until one day I woke up and I QUIT! I quit allowing myself to devalue who I am as a woman because someone wanted to stand still. I know what I bring to the table. At that moment I began to realize that there’s nothing wrong with Flaws because they make us one-of-a-kind and in the most unique way. I ultimately accepted who I was Becoming, Flaws and All, because I had gone through so much hell just to become her. If people aren’t willing to understand your Growth, then those aren’t your people.

What do you admire most about yourself?

My Bounce Back – when I look back over all my life and the obstacles I’ve experienced, I wouldn’t be transparent if I said I didn’t have moments when I wanted to give up. I now understand the true meaning of being a Strong Girl and the Spirit of Resilience no matter what… My relationship with God has everything to do with that.

Fill in the blank: I am…Beautiful in every way, because I Choose to see myself through God’s eyes and not man’s.

How has your faith contributed to who you are today?

My Faith teaches me how to Trust the things I cannot see – and that forces me to Trust the things God has for my Life and in His timing. It has made me Strong, Confident, and Grateful.

What would you tell your younger self or someone who has yet to discover her worth?

I would pour into them the understanding of “Falling in Love with Yourself First” no matter how long it takes, before “Falling for anything else in Life”. People, Places and Things come and go – but you’re stuck with you forever!

If you could identify a celebrity who you believe exemplifies a Chosen Covergirl, who would that be and why?

Michelle Obama – In following her life of humble beginnings to her phenomenal platform today, she has exemplified and embodies the essence of Today’s Leading Lady. She leads by example, she confesses God, she embraces women in the purest form, she admits her faults, she stands in Courage, Strength, and History.


About our Featured Chosen Covergirl: Tracy Adams-Butler is an Author, Speaker, LifeStyle Coach, and Glow Girl Influencer. Her advocacy of Self-Love, Self-Worth and Owning Who You Are, created a platform to not only write an Affirmations Book, but she started a whole Strong Girl Movement. For Bookings: iam_tracyadams-butler_ (Instagram/Facebook)


*A Chosen Covergirl lives life full of joy, confidence, and faith, because she knows who she is and to WHOM she belongs. She does not require validation by man because she knows that she has already been approved by God.  In other words, she knows her worth! With the Lord on her side, she walks with confidence believing that she has the power within her to conquer every obstacle that tries to hinder her from her destiny.

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