This week’s Summertime Shine and Featured Chosen Covergirl – Tsachai Maduro

Tsachai Maduro



What does it mean to be confident?

To be confident means to be sure of self.  Liking and loving self.  Not ashamed… Bold… Content…To embrace your own strengths and areas for improvement by actualizing them and making the steps to apply change.

What comes to mind when you think of the word “joy”?

Choice… Choice comes to mind when I think of Joy… I choose to be content and look at all things good or indifferent as an opportunity to better myself… Therefore I’m happy and in a joyful state.

Can you identify the time in your life when you began to totally accept yourself and all of your flaws?

YES!!! Most pivotal time in my life… I use this time in my life as an illustration when I have a platform to speak to other people.  It stresses the importance of identifying the vices that are holding you back… Looking at the man in the mirror… Asking them to change their ways.

What do you admire most about yourself?

So many things I’ve come to admire, love and appreciate. My…

Love for others first
Skill set
Internal Beauty

Fill in the blank: I am…

Legendary…..Phenomenal…. Me!!!

How has your faith contributed to who you are today?

My faith has contributed to who I am today by giving me the tools and foresight to
A) Have integrity with everything I do
B)  Take calculated risk in order to grow
C) Trust what’s in me
D) Treat others in the manner in which I expect to be treated regardless of their actions
E) Be content with where you are.  However do not be complacent. Strive for growth
F) Forgive others…
G) Release others
H) Don’t expect from others expect from God

The list could go on but this is the core

In twenty words or less, what would you tell your younger self or someone who has yet to discover her worth?

Think of someone you admire…
Look at yourself

Then study and read and associate yourself with those you “think” you admire… Then apply change as necessary..

    Posted at 20:35h, 25 July Reply

    I know this Woman of God Personally and she is amazing, full of life and yes she does put others first! I love her amazing gift for reaching out to others.

  • Gail Curtis
    Posted at 10:44h, 26 July Reply

    Such a beautiful lady inside and out…your personality exudes…I’m proud of you! Love you!
    Gail Curtis

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